Himalayan Cashmere Company

Himalayan Cashmere Company, founded by Susan Snyder, is a rare and exquisite producer of hand woven shawls, blankets and clothing working with 100% cashmere.  In the ancient tradition of hand spun, hand loomed and hand dyed materials, this company maintains a dying craft that is kept alive through its modern designs and exceptional weaving techniques. 

What Susan saw in Nepal was a great chance: to help revive the artesano character of an almost dying cottage industry that was about to collapse in the abundance of cheap machine made tourist souvenirs by founding a company that would work exclusively with the old fashioned handlooms.

 “I was blessed with the opportunity to found a company that created beauty out of a local tradition and refine it with global design skills.” - Susan Snyder

We will be updating photographs here of our current stock as frequently as possible. Please note that most styles are one-of-a-kind, therefore limited stock is on hand. If you see a scarf in the photograph below that you like please call or email to inquire about sizing and price.  Call for images of blankets too! LAST UPDATE: 11/27/17



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